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Three B's that are more important than the Three C's

We all know the Three C's in Diamonds:


Color, and,


Everyone has sold you on the three C's, and there is definitely truth to it. But is that all you should be focused on while buying a Diamond?

Ask the Insiders - the three B's may be more important than the three C's above:




BIG - because BIGGER is BETTER! No elaboration required here.

BRILLIANCE - Diamonds are the hardest substance. They are used to grind other rocks. Diamonds that are not brilliant don’t have any value locked in, and are sent off to the GRINDERS! Look at your finger, do you have a brilliant radiant and shiny rock, or a industrial tool? When you are at the next party, carefully look at the fingers you shake hands with.

BUDGET - customers pay twice, thrice, and even 6 times the cost of a diamond while buying them. Why? Do you get back those values if you try to sell your diamond? Please try it. Then find a wholesaler who offers honest to goodness prices on quality goods. Get oriented on how much back are you getting on the Rap sheet. This will help you make a more educated purchase. More on the Rap sheets in a future post!

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