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INSURANCE - A Must have

Most people buy jewelry to celebrate an important life event and there is a lot of love and emotion involved in the whole buying process. These special moments make our life golden and enhance our memory banks.

For this reason, we highly recommend having your jewelry insured.

As careful and responsible as we are, life happens, and losing a piece of jewelry close to your heart hurts not only financially but even emotionally.

I personally remember back in 2004 how painful it was to loose a ring my husband gave me when he got a promotion. While celebrating this special moment he surprised me with this sweet diamond ring which was close to my heart keeping his celebration and achievement in mind. Just like most of us think how responsible and careful we are, I did too.

I have had many clients who have lost jewelry in the house, or at other places which they thought were safe and where you would never expect anything to get lost.

We always recommend getting an appraisal and insuring your jewelry for this reason. Replacing it better than not having it at all.

Finally, review your home insurance policy. It covers some amount of personal jewelry. Of course, you have to keep a record of what you have bought, preferably with a few pictures. Never know when they can come handy...

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